I am a professional piano technician (more about that here), who is new to the player piano game, and to the blogosphere, for that matter!

I reside in the sleepy realm of County Lunenburg, Nova Scotia; arcadian from June to September, and rather boreal for the other two-thirds of the year.

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  1. I just acquired a 1919 willis player piano. I’m wondering if the player mechanism has to be removed in order to get to the keys (leveling the keys for instance), or is there an easier way?

    1. Hi Mikhaila, congratulations!

      Yes, some case parts and also the player action (top section) will have to be removed in order to access the keys, for cleaning, leveling, etc.
      You can read on the blog about how to do this (if you feel confident), or you can hire a qualified piano technician who is familiar with player pianos. Good luck!

  2. Hello, I am wondering if I could find out the year of manufacture on a piano with serial number 18909? Thank you!

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A 1919 Willis player piano