In the beginning

Well..hooray, if it isn’t another blog! I have never really had a particular inclination or motivation to write a blog. I only follow a couple online, which are regularly updated and contain useful information — to me.

I find in general that most blogs fail on both these counts. Either the last posting was over a year ago, or people just prattle on about one thing or another. Although I may eventually fall into one or both of these traps, I am at least cognizant of them, and I will endeavor to keep it informative, with the occasional diversion.

So I will straight up admit that I brought this page online almost a year ago (that didn’t take long, did it?); life has a way of adjusting priorities and a player piano project tends to stay on the back burner…until now! We will pretend that I am just starting fresh, and after a few introductory articles, I will get to the meat and potatoes stuff, as I have time.

I hope you will follow along!

Read on!

A 1919 Willis player piano