Is the piano done at long last?
Ask yourself the following questions:

Does the tempo of the roll function independently of the volume?

Is the piano “easy” to play?
By easy, it is meant that the treadles offer a proper amount of resistance, and one can feel the air being pulled out of the chest with each push of feet.
It is NOT meant that there is no resistance at all, and one must pump like a maniac to play the music!

Do the control levers, buttons and expression devices all act as they should?

Does the paper of an older roll stay true on the tracker bar, even if there are some occasional rips or tearouts along the way?

Is the piano able to play large successive chords and/or arpeggios, with many notes at the same time?

In other words, does the piano feel, sound and look as it should?

If the answers are all “yes”, congratulations — you’re all done!

Together again, rebuilding complete, ready to play! Although the photo shows the piano with the case parts removed, it is finally time to reassemble the cabinet as well.

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