Although I did all the rebuilding myself, I could not have done so without the knowledge and advice of those who have come before, which has been passed down for persons such as myself.
I hereby inscribe an “honour roll” to acknowledge those who helped me along the way; my sincere apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently missed!

The Honour Roll:

Arthur Reblitz: for instructive and expansive volumes on both the piano and the player piano

John Ross: for advice, encouragement, and lending of select equipment and tools

Mark Reinhart and Tim Baxter: for moral support, technical advice, and good counsel

Ralph Nielsen and Bruce Newman: for technical tips and instructional videos

Doug Bullock for technical advice and provision of supplies

Julian Dyer, Don Teach, Andrew Barrett and others: for administrating the Facebook player piano groups

AMICA and MMD admins: for keeping these organizations going, in furnishing access to technical advice and documents (particularly Terry Smythe for scanning and uploading much material online)

John A Tuttle: special thanks to John for answering many many emails, providing a dedicated website and video channel for information, and making supplies and parts available for purchase, to help “keep the music rolling”!

My significant other: extra special thank you for your support, encouragement, patience and tolerance of a hobby which took over a surprisingly large area of our home, for quite some time!

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