Primary L board and Nipple board

The remaining components of the primary valve chest are the so called “L board” (owing to its shape) and the nipple board.

The L board can in fact be disassembled further into 2 separate boards, in most cases, in order to replace the gasket that is sandwiched in between, and to make renewing the sealer in the channels easier.

Basically, the operations on these pieces are the same:

  1. Make sure the interior channels of the boards are well sealed, including the junction of the brass nipples in the nipple board
  2. Replace the gaskets on the interior facings of the boards

I have discussed these operations already, so here are just a couple of images from the process as I did it:

removing old leather gaskets from L board and nipple board
marking new gaskets (neoprene) before punching and gluing

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